• ATG Brightest Minds

    Thanks to its industrial profile, ATG Europe has been among the pioneers of engineering service and consultancy support for the European aerospace sector. With a headcount of around 150 consultants and in-house engineers, we are able to provide engineering support to our customers either on- or off-site with a high level of quality and flexibility.

    ATG Brightest Minds is a proven and reliable resourcing partner with a unique network of technical specialists and talent pools. Our decades-long experience and business partnership with ESA, combined with a devotion to customer satisfaction and continuous pursuit of excellence, have resulted in an unmatched understanding of our customer’s needs and modus operandi. Combined with the flexibility and high level of expertise of our consultants, this allows us to provide engineering support exceeding our customer’s expectations.

    While ATG Europe has a strong heritage in the field of Structural, Thermal and Mechanisms engineering, ATG Brightest Minds employs consultant engineers in a much broader range of disciplines. Besides the core competencies above, our support also extends from System Engineering, Propulsion, Electrical, Optical, Quality, AIT and Software Engineering to Project Management, Data Processing, Space Science and Astronomy.

    For a more extensive list of our competencies, please visit the What We Do section.



    Besides our active pool of engineering consultants, ATG Brightest Minds is constantly recruiting new talent in various engineering and science disciplines. Our dedicated recruitment department has been locating, recruiting and delivering highly skilled personnel to the European space sector for over 30 years.

    ATG is dedicated to continuously employing the brightest minds amongst engineers and scientists and offering them a wide range of challenging projects and training activities that allow them to achieve their full professional potential.

    Interested in joining the Brightest Minds? Visit our careers website at jointhebrightestminds.com for all our vacancies and open consultancy roles.