• ATG SpaceLabs: Research, Development and Engineering Partnerships



    We're involved in multiple development partnerships ranging from EU research and development programs on composites structures and ESA development programs to commercial product development.

    We believe that innovation is at the heart of technological progress and it is our goal to accelerate this innovation. Therefore it is part of our dna to participate in R&D programs, not just to the benefit of our composites technology development but moreover as a driver for the company to grow and build up knowledge.

    Over the recent years ATG has participated in many R&D projects including for example:

    • Own in-house funded grid stiffened composite technology development, including manufacturing of a demonstrator panel;
    • FUSDESOPT- Clean Sky  program on the use of new AL alloys for laser beam welding of aircraft panels;
    • WASIS –FP7 program on  the use of grid-stiffened composite architecture on the fuselage of a business jet.

    Di-LNG – a regionally funded project on the development of a new generation ship engine (running partly on LNG).