• ATG SpaceLabs: Development of Unique Technology and Products

    We developed a patented unique Grid-Stiffened composite technology for application in the space, aviation and industrial domains.


    Our technology enables optimally tailored load paths and attachment points and a cost effective manufacturing method leading to unprecedented high-quality, low-cost products..

    We're equally at home getting you a solution to your particular technology or product challenge. Specifically for composite structures ATG SpaceLabs has extensive expertise in:


    Top Level concept design:

    • Functions and requirements discovery;
    • Geometry/topology synthesis;
    • Material selection (fibre, resin and core types);
    • Laminate synthesis;
    • Manufacturing method selection;
    • Attachment and assembly method selection.

    Detailed design:

    • Local laminate design (stacking sequence, reinforcements, transitions, attachments);
    • CAD (complex solid and surface modeling, parametric design).

    Design for manufacturing:

    • Design for cost-effective and reliable production;
    • Production and testing process development.

    Implementation of numerical and analytical means for predicting:

    Structural properties

    •  Stiffness;
    •  Non-linear deformation;
    •  Ply, laminate and global structure strength;
    •  Buckling;
    •  Vibration/dynamics;
    •  Fatigue.

    Multiphysical properties

    • Heat flow during production process;
    • Residual thermo-elastic stresses;
    • Vibro-acoustics;
    • Fluid-structure interaction.


    • Analytical/numerical methods;
    • Knowledge based.