• How to do business with us


    We offer three different ways to accelerate your innovation:


    This is the most direct way to work with us. You have a problem, we support you in solving it.
    On an hourly rate basis or at a fixed price, at your premises or at ours, whichever is better for you.


    Risk Sharing engineering
    ATG can also be a risk-sharing partner in your project. In this case, we take ownership of (part of) the problem, and solve it internally. Ownership can range from design to verification by analysis and test, to delivering the manufactured parts.
    This way, you will have less risk while we manage our own work within the defined scope.


    Product development
    Either driven by customer demand, or simply when we believe we have a great idea, we also develop products of our own. Typically these are of a thermo-mechanical nature either in metal or in carbon fiber composites. Through our network of partners for manufacturing and testing we are able to deliver an end-to-end solution.


    Technology licensing

    As an innovation driven company we are strong in developing new technologies that add value to the environment we work in. By internally funding those technologies that we believe in up to patent level, we protect our IP.

    That way we are able to let you as our partner or customer use it in enhancing your own product line, through the use of agreed licensing schemes.