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Our Story

Where freedom in work delivers results

At ATG Europe we believe that in order to achieve the best results, you need a measure of freedom in your work. When we let our talented multi-disciplinary engineers develop their own ideas, great things come to life. This is the way the technologies we develop are born and industrialised.


ATG Europe

Since 2016, when additional investors entered the company ownership and took over the executive management, ATG Europe has consolidated its place as an international consultancy in the fields of space, big science, defence and high-tech, as well as improving its in-house engineering capabilities in the fields of thermal and mechanical engineering, with a strong emphasis on its patented grid stiffened composite technology.


In 2012, the ownership of the company changed and it was renamed AOES Technology Group or ATG Europe. A new process of diversification started with the acquisition of new commercial customers in the space and non-space domains.


In 2003, the company underwent a management buyout and became Advanced Operation Engineering Services BV. In this timeframe, the company consolidated its position as leading supplier of thermal and mechanical engineering services to the European Space Agency.


In 2000, ATOS BV and Origin BV merged and created Atos Origin Engineering Services BV or AOES BV. The focus of the new formed company was on the expansion engineering services provision to the European Space Agency.


In 1997, following the merger of French companies Axime and Sligos, ATOS Netherlands BV was set up and in 1998 took over the operation of Sligos Industrie IKOSS BV.


In December 1995, IKOSS GmbH created a subsidiary in the Netherlands with headquarters in Leiden, under the name Sligos Industrie IKOSS BV. It took over the operation of IKOSS GmbH in the Netherlands.


Sligos GmbH, one of the largest software houses in Europe, became a major shareholder of IKOSS.


Thyssen AG and Eucom GmbH took control of IKOSS but it retained its name.


IKOSS acquired its first contract at the European Space Agency’s European Space Research and Technology Centre (ESTEC) marking the company’s first step into space.


IKOSS GmbH was acquired by Konsberg Norway in 1973 but continued to operate under its own name.


The story of ATG Europe began in Germany in 1969 with a company called IKO Software Solutions, or IKOSS, the company was founded by three Norwegians. In cooperation with the University of Stuttgart, IKOSS started the development and commercialisation of a software solution for finite elements systems, while also supplying engineering and software consultancy services.

Engineering of the future,
made possible by ATG Europe.