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    World class engineering, research and development for the universe's most demanding environments.

    ATG Projects

    We excel at delivering solutions in the areas of Structural, Thermal and Composites engineering


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    Our ability to visualise technical and scientific complex projects is unmatched worldwide

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    We build rockets and companies

  • About ATG Europe

    Today, ATG Europe is recognized as a leading provider of specialized engineering, scientific and technical services to the aerospace and high-tech industry.


    Our headquarters are located in Noordwijk, The Netherlands, the technical hub of Europe's space activities. We also have subsidiaries in Germany and the UK. Always close to our customers.

    40 years of cutting edge innovation in high-tech

    We believe that engineering is a driving force behind progress. We are commited to this thing we love and breathe: high-end engineering since 1969. The company employs over 180 professional engineers, consultants and scientists who are committed to delivering innovative solutions, on time to meet the most
    demanding engineering challenges.

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    Space Engineering Company in the  Netherlands


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  • ATG Projects

    ATG Projects is the fast-growing internal engineering department of ATG Europe, with a strong heritage in Space vehicle systems, structures and instruments, Aviation structures and mechanisms and Industrial structures and systems.


    We deliver high-end Structural and Thermal engineering services, as well as unique Composite technology and products, for this age requiring intelligent and cost-effective solutions.


    Our bright multi-disciplinary team applies hard skills and a progressive engineering approach to challenges of stellar complexity and down-to-earth essence on a daily basis.

    The ways of ATG Projects

    High-end engineering services

    Benefit from our excellent structural, thermal and composites engineering experience and skills to get you the solutions and deliverables you need. We excel at the integral fields of structural and thermal (or thermo-mechanical) engineering. Right from the requirements specification and conceptual design phase, up to detailed design, analysis, manufacturing, integration, testing and qualification.



    Development of unique technology and products

    We developed a patent-pending unique Grid-Stiffened composite technology for application in the space, aviation and industrial domains. Our technology enables optimally tailored load paths and attachment points and a cost effective manufacturing method leading to unprecedented high-quality, low-cost products.

    And we're equally at home getting you a solution to your particular technology or product challenge.


    Research, Development and Engineering partnerships

    We're involved in multiple development partnerships ranging from EU research and development programs on composites structures and ESA development programmes to commercial product development.

    The foundation of our added value

    • Excellent quality of communication, agility and swiftness to react to client and partner needs.
    • Engineering delivered as you want it: Product-, technology- or service-based. Throughout complete multi-phase projects, or for short durations. In a fixed project format, on a flexible basis or in a mixed form. On- and/or off-site. All depending on your needs.
    • A bright mixed team of highly educated multi-disciplinary engineers spanning various ages and backgrounds, delivering excellent integration of physical disciplines.
    • Combined fundamental physics insights, pragmatic engineering methods and a specification-/requirements-targeted approach; yielding cost-effective, high-quality, on-time solutions.
    • Engineering and simulation of true technology and products, focussing on the practical reality of the application including manufacturing, integration and use.
    • Industry standard software capabilities and in-house developed routines for: CATIA, MSC NASTRAN, FEMAP+NX NASTRAN, ABAQUS, VA-One, FEMtools, ESATAN, THERMICA

    Our heritage

    ATG Projects has been involved in multiple industries and fields from conceptual development to final qualification of systems. The applications included primary and secondary structures, thermal control systems, drives and mechanisms, optical components and instruments, electronics and mechatronical equipment, heavy machinery assemblies and motion platforms.


    The work we have done was for Aviation programmes such as the Airbus A380 verification and qualification, Space flight and development programmes such as SOLO, MTG, Electra, Metop, CHEOPS, EUCLID, the PROBA missions, ALTIUS, IBDM, GSTP's and PEP's and various applications in the (wind) energy, machine and off-shore industry.

  • ATG Medialab


    ATG Fast Forward

    ATG Fast Forward is a venture studio that provides access to global expertise and resources. We partner and invest in the best ideas that spin-off from this thing we love and breathe: Space Technology

    More than just a capital partner. We are Venture Engineers.

  • Do you have what it takes?

    Joaquín Jiménez

    EEE Components Engineer

    "Being part of such a state of the art environment feels like a dream
    came true. Here, we write new innovative chapters of human history, such
    as BepiColombo, Europe's first mission to Mercury".

    Nieves Colomo

    Thermal Engineer

    "It’s very inspiring to team up with people from so many different nationalities – currently no less than 17".

    Claudia Allegranza

    Mechanisms Engineer

    "Since every spacecraft has different mechanisms, I am always starting from scratch."

  • World class engineering, research & development since 1969. Find out what we are working on.

    Spoiler alert, we are not your typical engineering company.


    Herbert Blankesteijn is a technology journalist from the Netherlands who has written for many prominent Dutch newspapers. He presented and directed television and radio programmes and has 10 books to his name. Herbert is interested in nascent fields such as 3D printing, drones, robotics and the private space business. We love his writing so we decided to give him his own blog. Weekly updates, people!

    ATG Europe exhibiting at JEC World 2016

    Join us on the Aero Innovation Planet area at JEC World 2016 in Paris, 8-10 March, to have a peak at the advances in composite structures achieved by ATG's composites development team. We will be exhibiting our grid-stiffened structures demonstrator for the first time. You will have the chance to talk to colleagues involved in development and manufacturing of composite structures at ATG to learn more about the demonstrator and our talented, multi-disciplinary team and its creative and pragmatic attitude towards development of composite structures.

    ESA Excellence Award

    Nominated by the Gaia project: the Materials Space Evaluation and Radiation Effects Section (TEC-QTE) were recently awarded an ESA Excellence Award for its work investigating background "stray light" affecting the optical performance of ESA's billion-star mapper.

    Awarded annually, the ESA Team Excellence Awards recognise and reward effective teamwork above and beyond the ordinary call of duty. Well done to ATG employee Orcun Ergincan  for being part of this achievement!

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