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Our Values

At ATG Europe, we take great pride in living by our company values.

The values in ATG Europe are important principles guiding our everyday business attitude in our external and internal interactions. They are shared by our personnel members and serve as broad guidelines in all situations

Ethics & Integrity

We believe in the practice of being honest with uncompromising observance to moral and ethical principles.

Responsible and Responsive

A proactive approach always in control and accountable for every action.


The quality and performances push our aspirations to shapes our thoughts and actions for state-of-the-art solutions.


We are open to take risks to boost innovation, with courage and confidence.

Environmental sustainability

“Think global but act local” without compromising the future generations’ expectations.

Diversity and inclusivity

A successful team is a diverse team. Whether in terms of cultural backgrounds, interests, education, or other – everybody has a place at ATG and we value each other’s contributions and views.

We build on our values