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Consultancy services

Allocating expert resources to your project is a demanding and time-consuming process.

Scarcity of top-notch profiles for niche markets represents a risk for on-time and on-budget delivery of projects. ATG Europe embeds its consultants fully in to your team to bring in the specialization and experience that is key to the success of your projects.

Providing access to hard-to-find specialists

ATG Europe’s Consultancy Services provide access to hard-to-find specialists in the engineering and scientific domains. A flexible service that can be executed to cover both short-term operational needs in your project as well as long-term recruitment perspectives within your organisation.

Whether you are an institutional or commercial organisation, you are at the heart of our business. While you focus on your project, we take care of identifying the right resources to support it and so ensure your project runs smoothly and on time and budget.

We partner with our clients and we work together to turn their most important challenges into success. Our contribution provides our customers savings to identify the right resources and savings during project execution thanks to the contribution of our highly-skilled consultants.

We provide consultancy services to Space, Defence and Big Science industries:


Engineering is where we come from. We understand your needs and propose the best solution to help you satisfy them, providing skills and expertise in multiple disciplines.

Engineering services
  • Systems Engineering
  • Assembly Integration and Testing/Verification (AIT/AIV): mechanical, electrical, functional and optical
  • Thermal and Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical, Electronics and Electromagnetics Engineering
  • Payload Technologies and Engineering
  • Optics/Opto-electronics and Opto-mechanical Engineering
  • Mechanisms
  • Materials and Processes Engineering
  • Component Engineering
  • Product Assurance/Quality Assurance
  • Radio Frequency (RF)
  • Secure communications
  • Automation and Robotics for Space Exploration
  • GSE Design and Procurement
  • Support to Launchers
  • Propulsion Engineering
  • Aerothermodynamics

Software, data and operations

Software, data services and operations are the key to giving life to your projects. We provide support in different disciplines, having at heart the goal of helping your endeavour to succeed.

Software, data and operations services
  • Satellite operations engineering
  • Satellite operators
  • ATC support software development
  • Engineering software development
  • Digital engineering software prototyping and development
  • On-Board Software Engineering and Development
  • Ground Software Engineering and Development
  • Information/Data Processing
  • Science Operations

Project support

Project life cycle support requires understanding of the business and its processes. We have been running engineering businesses for 50 years with a proven track record of excellence.

Project support services
  • Project Management
  • Scheduling and Project Control
  • Configuration and documentation Management
  • IT Support
  • Communication Education, User Driven Applications and Outreach
  • Administrative Assistance
  • Internal Auditing
  • Cost Accounting

A business model that fits you

On-Site Support

Our staff is fully integrated into your team at your premises

On-Site Service/Work Package

Our staff is co-located at your premises executing the work based on agreed deliverables and Key Performance Indicators

Off-Site Service

Our staff is based in ATG Europe offices and works based on agreed deliverables and Key Performance Indicators.

We value knowledge sharing and development

We understand that our customers face complex matters. When you hire an ATG Europe consultant, you also benefit from the knowledge of other staff with relevant experience. Our consultants are organized based on their core competencies. An internal platform allows them to exchange information and jointly address specific issues.

We also value knowledge development. Every ATG Europe consultant has a yearly budget used to further develop their skills and keep pace within a fast-evolving market. The Consultant Development Plan is jointly established between our consultants and the human resources department while taking into consideration the specific needs of and requests from our Customers.

We also believe in the cross-fertilization of knowledge between different industrial domains. With the capability to support activities across Europe, and with high specialization in deploying resources in our domain of competences, we constantly keep the success of our customers as our main focus.

Tell us your needs and

together we’ll find the best solution