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Virtual & Augmented Reality

Everyone knows that time and budget are two key factors to manage in order to deliver a successful project.

Endless meetings where everyone is talking about something else without realizing it and hours spent staring at spreadsheets, desperate to find the answers to the questions you have are better spent on more productive tasks.

Engineering of the future

At ATG Europe, we realise that communication is key in engineering, especially when it comes to complex projects. And it is exactly in those complex projects, in space and other high-tech development programs, in those projects that involve many actors and subsystems, that a lot of time and money are lost because of poor communication. Poor communication that leads to misinterpretation, misconceptions or simply misunderstandings of what is important or what is at stake.

At ATG Europe we intend to solve this. We develop tools that allow communication on technical issues through virtual means, on-line, throughout the supply chain.

Assembly and integration

Product engineering

Virtual reality solutions for real engineering issues

Virtual reality lets you play around with expensive hardware, without the risk of breaking it. It helps you explain your design better to everyone in the project, at any location and at any time (and outside of it, if you need to). Virtual reality that lets you work together with anyone, anywhere, from your and their own office.

Virtual reality that let’s you work together with anyone, anywhere, from your and their own office.

Discover the added value of virtual reality



Engineering of the future,
made possible by ATG Europe.