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Visualisation & Animation

How do you sell something that isn’t there yet?

You can describe your thought process. Explain your designs and the steps taken to come to these designs.
You can use visual aids like slide decks or rough sketches. But without an end product, without showing your audience what it does and how it behaves relative to its surroundings, it will be a tough sell.

ATG Europe at your disposal

Our team of scientific artists at ATG Europe is able to transform any concept or design you might have into a realistic, lifelike yet at the same time visually appealing visual or animation, whatever stage of the process you are in. We make it come alive, based on the actual design files or on your imagination.

No more hard times trying to explain the function of your system and why people need to spend money on it, using nothing but a beamer and a whiteboard. Why not show them what the end product will look like, what it will do, where and when, all in one animation?

Instead of talking at length about its functionality and the reasons they should spend money on it, you can simply show them. Your sales meetings will never be the same.

We can even show you how satellites function and lithography
machines works. Don’t take our word for it, just have a look at our examples.

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Discover the added value of visualisations and animations



We believe an image is worth a thousand words
and a video is worth a million