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ATG Europe believes innovation is key to maintaining a competitive advantage in a fast-evolving market.

We constantly invest in research and innovation to bring disruptive technologies to our clients and accompany them in their path towards technological and economic growth.

Our latest innovation


The demonstrators showcased in this page
reveal some of the details of the technology
developments we’ve been part of

a new way of working


Virtual reality solutions for real
engineering issues

Bring it to life

Visualisation & animation

The combination of scientific accuracy and
captivating appearance of our visuals and
animations brings your projects and products to life.

Industries we support

We work side by side with our customers providing expertise and innovative thinking. We help our clients to achieve enduring results and to build competitive advantage.


A consolidated experience through an innovative outlook


We contribute to high technological value projects with security-cleared personnel

Big Science

ATG provides high-end engineering support and solutions to Big Science projects across Europe

A clear and shared vision provides commitment towards innovative services and solutions