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2021 EFC2 Best in Domain – 7 ESA Awards for ATG Europe

Sep 5, 2022

ATG Europe is proud to announce that following ESA’s 2022 EFC2 awards, ATG has been recognized as best by the European Space Agency – ESA in the following 7 domains: 

  • Automation, Optics and Life Sciences Support,
  • Aerothermodynamics & Propulsion Engineering,
  • Communication, Education and Marketing,
  • Environmental Testing and Mechanical AIV Engineering,
  • RF Systems, Payload and Technologies,
  • Structures, Materials, Mechanisms and Thermal Engineering,
  • IT Support.

The seven domains award confirms our position as a leading player and partner to ESA in providing a high-quality service and expertise across various disciplines. 

“This is a tremendous achievement by our staff who tirelessly provided their competences and experience for the ESA programmes and infrastructures. ATG Group is immensely grateful and proud of his staff. We are very confident that ESA can count on the ATG’s staff for a bright and fruitful times ahead” says Gian Carlo COLETTA – CEO of ATG Europe.

For more information, please contact:

ATG Europe BV  

Space Business Park 

Huygensstraat 34 

2201 DK, Noordwijk ZH, The Netherlands 

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