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50 years anniversary of ATG Europe

Oct 7, 2019

ATG Europe is celebrating its 50 year anniversary this year. To commemorate this important year, we have celebrated with our employees at the beginning of the year to thank their work, loyalty and commitment to ATG Europe. On the 10th of October, we will be inviting our clients, partners and all stakeholders who helped and supported ATG Europe to become an important player in the Dutch and European aerospace industry. The theme of the event is: 50 years ago, humans landed on the Moon, which steps will we make in the next 50 years? The celebration will take place at Erasmus centre in the European Space and Technology Centre (ESA/ESTEC) in Noordwijk, The Netherlands.

We will welcome Franceso Sauro, Planetary Geologist who will discuss the current astronauts’ challenges on the preparation to go back to the moon and later on to Mars. In addition we will also have a panel discussion titled: Next 50 years: The New Space era.

Looking forward to this event and we would like to thank all our employees, clients, partners, and all stakeholders who supported and continue supporting ATG Europe in our endeavour to “accelerate innovation” in the aerospace industry with our past, current and future undertakings.

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