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ATG Engineering and Radboud Radio Lab partner for the Astronomical Lunar Observatory Project

Nov 17, 2022

ATG Engineering and the Radboud Radio Lab of Radboud University of Nijmegen are excited to announce their partnership on the Lunar pathfinder mission –  Astronomical Lunar Observatory (ALO), as part of the Topical Team.

In the context of the European Space Agency’s Large Logistic Lander program, the Topical team referred to the Astronomical Lunar Observatory (ALO), will have the purpose of providing the scientific requirements and a concept design for a future large low-frequency radio array on the far side of the Moon. This will enable astronomers to measure radio waves directly originating from after the Big Bang.

The know-how of ATG Engineering and Radboud Radio Lab will allow a number of key enabling technologies to be developed jointly under a set of R&D initiatives.

ATG Europe and Radboud’s shared vision contemplates the involvement of different technological Dutch stakeholders, in order  to establish a scientific research infrastructure on the Moon. Space exploration is part of the future of mankind, representing the next technological frontier. An impossible endeavour without a meaningful and effective cooperation. ATG Engineering and Radboud couldn’t be prouder in setting this first step to support the ALO Moon Project.

We would like to thank NL Space for hosting our event, at the Space Tech Expo 2022 allowing us to remark our desire for cooperation with Dutch and International partners.

The ALO Moon project appears as a challenging vision today, but could serve as tomorrow’s flagship for European Exploration programmessaid Gian Carlo Coletta – CEO of ATG Europe

“The aim of the collaboration between Radboud Radio Lab and ATG Europe is to achieve ground-breaking science. By maintaining a creative and innovative mindset, we can develop key enabling technologies to operate on the Moon, and beyond. We must work together to achieve the impossible. We want to inspire, to challenge ourselves to push the boundaries and reach beyond the stars, and open a new door on the universe.” added Marc Klein Wolt – Director of the Radboud Radio Lab at the Radboud University in Nijmegen.

ATG Europe

For 50 years we have been supporting our customers to transform their challenges into success by providing services with expertise and innovative thinking. Today, ATG Europe is a key player in delivering engineering services, solutions, and technologies to the European Space, Defense and Big science sectors. We provide value-added engineering services, products, and technology at the highest possible standards in order to help accelerate innovation on all fronts.

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Radboud Radio Lab

The Radboud Radio Lab (RRL) is a team of talented researchers and engineers involved in multiple instrumentation projects of the department of Astrophysics of the Radboud University in Nijmegen, providing expertise on software engineering, electrical engineering, system engineering, project management, all combined with expert scientific know-how.

In addition, the RRL manages and operates the optical and radio telescope facilities at the faculty of science, which are used for student projects but also serve as test environment for instrumentation projects

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