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ATG Europe attends the Space Tech Expo 2022 in numbers

Nov 21, 2022

Building on our commitment to the European market, ATG Europe was proud to be exhibiting at the Space Tech Expo in Bremen, Germany from the 15th to the 17th of November 2022. An eventful week we thought numbers would express louder than words.

Located at Booth H37 – ATG Europe’s leadership, engineers and representatives were present to discuss our solutions as key consultants, our in-house developed technologies, their applications and showcase physical proof of our success in supporting a growing client base.

This year’s edition of the Space Tech Expo was filled with milestones and an ambitious showcase of our presence as a fierce enabler of our industry.

Too many to condense, but enough to be expressed by the numbers, below:

1: Major partnership signed between ATG Engineering and Radboud Radio Lab, destined to set up the joint development of key technologies to provide a concept design for a future large low-frequency radio array on the far side of the Moon.

3: Number of engineering support and innovative solutions were showcased,

8: Students and potential interns came seeking for an innovative prelude to their careers,

+12: B2B meetings attended throughout the event to discuss our offers and specialized engineering support solutions to help our industry succeed in the development of their products,

20: Number of exhibit partners and their outstanding teams who we had the honor of meeting to discuss our technology, setting the classroom for the engineering of tomorrow,

60: the number of wirings assembled by our visitors on our Quadcopter Assembly VR Project showcase,

+150: the number of students, engineers, administrators and likeminded individuals who showed up and interacted with us through the Expo,

1,730: the number of square feet of exhibit space at the Expo; our largest event presence to date.

ATG Engineering couldn’t be prouder to have reiterated their presence at the Space Tech Expo in Bremen, as it reflects ATG’s will to enable our industry to the next level in an unparalleled showcase of our initiatives and innovative solutions.

Finally, we would like to thank the Space Tech Expo, fellow exhibits and partners for bringing together such a booming industry. Furthermore, thank you to all the students, fellow innovators, administrators and engineers who took the time to visit us.

See you next year for #STE2023.

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