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ATG Europe contributes to winning three C2A Awards for ESTEC’s Mars Interactive Touch Tables

Mar 22, 2021

With the help of Ouno, a creative agency located in Farnborough; the European Space Agency wins the prestigious Creative communication Award of 2020 for their interactive Mars experience at the ESTEC centre.

As part of  the ESA’s Space Research and Technology Centre at ESTEC, it attracts scientists, politicians and academics from around the world, showcasing ESA’s pioneering work in space technology, this prize is another addition to its inventive notoriety.

Carrying the the name (The Mars: We Explore, You Benefit) interactive experience tells the story of three key ESA Mars missions, all of them sent to search for signs of life; and that of one individual leading an international team on an award winning digital project.

All the best about this project is how the work of a collective made it possible. We spoke with Mandeka Papini, Multimedia content producer and Service Manager at ESA, and she took the time to explain to us how difficult it was to work from a distance. Her team played a major role in the completion of such an interactive project : Massimo Sabatini, the Erasmus Innovation centre Manager, along with Simon Pipe and Elroy Blackwood, the executives from Ouno, were faced with challenges that only collaboration during these difficult times could have helped them prevail.

When asked about the struggles, Mandeka couldn’t help but praise the phenomenal result of a collective, that the teams carried on.

Housed within a modular framework designed to resemble the interior of a future Mars manned habitat. Three 4K screens become ‘windows’ embedded into the habitat’s interior that look out onto a conceptual future Mars base.

Its schedule is now well underway with two more interactive experiences – the first will let users explore ESA’s Low Earth Orbit (LEO) activities, the second will take them to our very own Moon. With a goal for ESTEC : to create and build the LEO and Moon to be the most interactive experiences possible.

When all of our sights are focused towards innovation, we feel how this represents a superb example of collaboration, enhanced storytelling, working with the latest digital technologies, features video, animation, sound effects, interactive 3D models and timelines, all controlled from a large touch-table. Enough to feel the complete immersion.

Winning three C2A Awards under the categories of User Experience Design, User Interface Design and Museum Exhibitions, we would like to congratulate our colleagues at ATG Europe working with Mandeka Papini and her team at ESA/ESTEC, as well as all of the members at Ouno for this incredible achievement.



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