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ATG Europe is Awarded as “Best in Domain“ in eight ESA Frame Contract (EFC2) Domains

Oct 13, 2021

We are delighted to announce that we have just received the “Best in Domain” award from the European Space Agency (ESA) in over eight domains! Just like last year and due to the current conditions, the awards were announced semi-virtually by ESA to prime contractors providing the best quality of support under the ESA Directorates Competitive Frame Contract 2 (EFC2).

 This year, our award was granted for the excellent work done in the following domains:

  • Aerothermodynamics & Propulsion Engineering – Manpower Assignement Scheme & Service,
  • Business Management Controlling & Administration – Service,
  • Communication, Education and Marketing – Service,
  • Environmental Testing & Mechanical AIV Engineering – Manpower Assignement Scheme & Service,
  • IT Support – Service,
  • RF Systems, Payload and Technologies – Manpower Assignement Scheme,
  • Structures, Materials, Mechanisms and Thermal engineering – Service,
  • Engineering Support to Telecommunications and Integrated Applications – Manpower Assignment

The eight domains award confirms our position as a leading player and partner to ESA in providing a high-quality service and expertise across a plethora of disciplines.

We are proud for the results achieved and will continue to strive for excellence to keep on exceeding our current performance in the future. But most importantly, we have not only learnt and grown from providing these best practices, but we also like to think that we led the way – setting an example and raising the bar on the prowess and capabilities that are expected from us.

Therefore, we would like to recognise that we owe this award to the hard work and dedication of all our staff working both on and off-site at ESA and our Consortium partners.

A big thank you to all !

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