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ATG Europe is featured in SAMPE Magazine

Feb 5, 2021

We are proud to announce that ATG’s CompositesLab’s hard and innovative work has been selected as the main article for the January-February issue of the SAMPE Journal.

The star of this event is our patented continuous pre-preg fibre placed grid-stiffened and lattice structures technology, allowing the manufacturing of high quality, complex integrated grid-stiffened composite products in a true one-shot process. Read more here.

You can find the publication here

Surfing the wave of this publication, we have been given the opportunity to conduct a webinar hosted by SAMPE on February 17-th 2021.

In this webinar, both Kelly Matthews (Team Lead ATG Innovation) and Leonid Pavlov (BU Manager at ATG Composites Lab) will be presenting on the topic of ATG’s fibre-placed pre-preg lattice structures for space applications. It will be broader in content than any public presentation done before on these structures. We invite you to register, share and join.

For more information and to register, here find a link to the webinar announcement

We are proud of our team, great achievement!



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