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ATG Europe makes first official donation to the Agata’s Walks Foundation

Nov 21, 2022

On Saturday 19th November 2022 the non-profit charity foundation (Le Passeggiate di Agata) was presented in a press conference in Italy to raise awareness for the citizens, companies and public administrations regarding the difficulties encountered by those with physical challenges. Alberto DONADONI, our Chief Commercial Officer, was present at the press conference and made the first official donation to the charity foundation in name ATG Europe to support the incredible work of all the volunteers.

Agata’s Walks, was born out of a little girl’s realization that some parts of the world weren’t accessible to her. Thousands of people across the world, young and old, suffer from the consequence of cities, businesses, and infrastructures not counting with the necessary measures to allow those with physical impairments to live as comfortably as everyone else. Agata’s Walks aims to help those forgotten many, and strives to work together so that everyone can live a full life. The first campaign, “Lasciamo la scia”, or, Leaving the Trail, has the aim of promoting businesses that count with the necessary accessibility measures for everyone. 

The organisation’s purpose isn’t only to discover those accessible businesses, but to start a conversation with those that are lacking that accessibility, in the hope of making the world a better place for everyone, one business at a time.

For more information, please contact:

ATG Europe BV  

NL Space Campus

Huygensstraat 34 

2201 DK, Noordwijk ZH, The Netherlands 

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