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ATG Europe announces Gaele Winters as Strategic Advisor

Dec 16, 2019

ATG Europe is extremely pleased to announce that Mr. Gaele Winters will be joining us as a Strategic Advisor as from the 1st of January 2020. Thanks to his competences and exceptional industrial and institutional experience, Gaele will be a great support to the strategic development of the company.

As an economist Gaele has worked for almost 15 years at the Ministry of Economic Affairs in the Netherlands, fulfilling different responsibilities in energy and industrial policy. Further, as Deputy Director-General for Industry, he was also responsible for the coordination of Dutch Space Policy and chairman of the Dutch delegation at ESA, to include chairing the ESA Council at delegate level from 1993-1996. In 1997, Gaele moved to the private sector becoming CEO of Fokker Space (currently Airbus D&S Netherlands)

As from 2001 the return of Gaele in the Institutional sector was marked by the start of fifteen years of a brilliant and notable career at the European Space Agency in executives roles, such as director of the technical centre ESTEC in the Netherlands, director of the operations centre ESOC in Germany and  director of Launchers in France.

Beyond his exceptional professional achievements, we are honored with Gaele’s values, which are entirely in line with our company spirit.

ATG Europe is the leading provider of specialized engineering, scientific and technical services to the aerospace and high-tech industry. Our engineering solutions are based on experience, innovative thinking and flexible interaction, providing high-end thermal and mechanical engineering solutions with a multi-disciplinary, highly educated and deeply committed team. Our organization  employs over 250 professional engineers and scientists who are committed to delivering innovative solutions to meet the most demanding space solutions engineering challenges.

For further information please contact:
Bertilla Sinka

ATG Europe
Huygensstraat 34
2201 DK Noordwijk (ZH), The Netherlands
+31 71 5795500

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