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ATG Europe proudly contributes to the development of ESA’s newest interactive platform : Discover ESA

Mar 5, 2021

ATG Europe is proud to present the Discover ESA platform we’ve had the chance to develop. Released today to the outside world, this platform presents a view on ESA which is more diverse and more complete than ever before. Here’s what its all about:  

Discover ESA will give people a unique opportunity to understand the full range of ESA’s activities through a mixture of thematic journeys: Sending Europe to the Moon, Improving Life on Earth, Building the Best Tools, Protecting Our Environment, Safeguarding Space Activities and Understanding Our Universe. During each journey, you will see how the various Establishments collaborate to achieve their goals.  

The interactive platform also provides people with a chance to visit all eight of ESA’s Establishments across Europe, something that would not be feasible otherwise. Many of these Establishments have not previously opened their doors to the general public, making this experience even more special.  

The Discover ESA platform creates a dynamic experience. From the choice of which journey to embark on, to the possibility of stopping, skipping or going further to learn more, users can actively determine what they watch and learn, and pursue the paths that most interest them.  

Whenever possible, translations have been done for Establishment tours, allowing nationals from each country to enjoy the experience in their own language.  

It has been quite a challenge to build this platform and the content for it in a time when no one could travel or meet each other. We are all the more proud of the result, especially as it underlines what can be achieved by close and constructive cooperation between partners in Europe. 

Now more than ever, in the light of the recent pandemic we’ve had to reinvent ourselves, and this project is the result of a collective effort which highlights the quality and determination that our teams at ESA, ATG MediaLab and VirtualLab thrive to provide to our customers, regardless of the challenge. It is for this reason that we would like to congratulate them for the completion and development of such a project. 


Image Credit: ESA

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