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ATG Europe signs contract with Fusion for Energy (F4E) for the provision of Engineering support and Civil Engineering & Mechanical Qualification

Mar 25, 2022

We are pleased to announce that ATG Europe and its partners, IDOM and LTCalcoli, have signed with Fusion For Energy (F4E) a contract (lot 1) for the provision of Engineering Support Services in the fields of mechanical, electrical, systems and design. IDOM and ATG also signed lot 2 for the provision of civil engineering support. The activities will be provided either on F4E’s premises in Barcelona (ES) or in Cadarache (FR).

Statement from ATG:

“ATG Europe and its industrial partners are very pleased to announce their support to Fusion for Energy (F4E) on their ambitious and challenging endeavour – seeking to achieve fusion power – A game changer for the future.  It marks a significant milestone in the development of our strategy across the domains of Big Science and nuclear energy.” – says Mr. Gian Carlo Coletta – CEO.

Statement form F4E:

“Fusion for Energy (F4E) has signed a contract with ATG Europe, ranked as first in cascade, to obtain engineering support services in the areas of mechanical, electrical, systems, manufacturing engineering, project management support, documentation and data management during the next few years. We look forward to this collaboration.” – says Chema Zarzalejos – Technical Project Officer.

Fusion for Energy

Fusion for Energy (F4E) is the European Union organisation managing Europe’s contribution to ITER— the biggest scientific experiment on the path to fusion energy. F4E mission is to bring fusion, the energy of the Sun and the stars, to Earth. To do so, F4E is closely working with industry and research organizations to provide the infrastructure and the components of the biggest fusion device. In parallel, F4E is involved in three major fusion R&D projects, stemming from the Broader Approach Agreement signed between Europe and Japan.


For 50 years we have been supporting our customers to transform their challenges into success by providing services with expertise and innovative thinking. Today, ATG Europe is a key player in delivering engineering services, solutions, and technologies to the European Space and Big science sectors. We provide value-added engineering services, products, and technology at the highest possible standards in order to help accelerate innovation on all fronts.


IDOM Group is an independent employee-owned company of 4000 people delivering challenging projects in more than 125 countries over the last 65 years. IDOM takes part in the most advanced and innovative engineering and design projects in the world in power generation, industry, infrastructures, architecture, consulting and nuclear fields providing clear technical and technological added value to their clients.


L.T. Calcoli a highly specialized company, works in the field of numerical analysis applied to EM (Electromagnetics), Thermo-structural, CFD (Fluidodynamics), Cinematic and Dynamic problems. L.T. Calcoli also develop customized software solutions.

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