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ATG Europe successfully provides Adoption and Change Management (ACM) services to the European Space Agency

Oct 23, 2021

ATG Europe is successfully delivering Adoption and Change Management (ACM) services to the European Space Agency (ESA), one of its main clients. Indeed, since several months the ESA IT Department has started what is now known as the esa365 migration project, supporting end-users in the adoption of the Microsoft’s Office 365 suite.

Certainly, the Office 365 suite is an enabler of business transformation, productivity and collaboration tools which leads ESA’s employees to a whole new way of working. ATG Europe is proudly helping its customers in adopting these new services and embracing them using the new tools as part of their daily job.

The Adoption and Change Management (ACM) processes provide the structure and approach to support an organisation in planning and adopting new technologies and new ways of working. The goal is to make sure that the change is sustained and reinforced. Surely, when an effective change management is in place, it helps to meet the identified business objectives.

ATG Europe is involved on the front line of this process, supporting ESA thanks to the hard work of its employees involved in the esa365 migration project. ATG Europe’s employees cover several key roles within this project, including the colleagues of the IT Local Support Service, the IT Sourcing Support Service, Project Management and the Adoption and Change Management (ACM) services. Indeed, our company has been recognised by the European Space Agency (ESA) as ‘Best in Domain’ in eight domains, among them also the IT Support Service. The award recognises prime contractors providing the best quality of support under the ESA Directorates Competitive Frame Contract 2 (EFC2).

To implement Office 365 in ESA’s environment, two complementary disciplines are employed to make a successful transition: Project Management and Change Management. Project management focuses on deployment planning and the implementation of the Microsoft Office 365 technical component. On the other hand, Change Management tackles the human

side of the transformation and focuses on the activities required to prepare the organisation for the delivered change. Thus, the goal is to facilitate the transition from the old way of working to the future state and embed the change as the new norm. These processes are happening thanks to the planning and implementation of scenarios, trainings and awareness campaigns carried out by ATG employees who are responsible of delivering Adoption and Change Management (ACM) services.

Certainly, ATG Europe thanks to its expertise will further provide in the future the Adoption and Change Management services to the European Space Agency (ESA) and other clients.

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