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ATG Europe, with its services, supports ESA in embracing the future of technology -esa365!

Jul 9, 2021

ATG Europe believes, continuous improvement is key in maintaining a competitive advantage in a fast-evolving market. Recently, our company faced the migration process from traditional Office setup and a custom-made infrastructure to Microsoft 365 to enable a future-proof evolution that is in line with the envisaged growth perspectives.

Also, the European Space Agency (ESA) took the decision to adopt the Office365 Suite. Indeed, ESA needs efficient, agile and flexible digital tools for working. As announced by Bianca Hoersch, ESA Chief Digital Officer, and ESA DG Josef Aschbacher, digitalisation is a priority for ESA’s future – creating more transparent and scalable workplace options.

The ESA IT Department started what is now the esa365 project to explore ways to improve its digital workplace. More compatibility with industry, seamless sharing, secure cloud computing, and greater overall transparency – these features and more are all coming with esa365.

It has now been over two months since migrations across the whole of ESA have been taking place, and the project is progressing at a good speed. Currently, more than 780 ESA employees have been migrated, while over 1,233 are scheduled in the near future. ​​​​​​​

ATG Europe is involved on the front line of the process, supporting ESA thanks to the hard work of its employees involved in the esa365 migration project. ATG Europe’s employees cover several key roles within this project, including the colleagues of the IT Local Support Service, the IT Sourcing Support Service and the Adoption Change Management (ACM) Team.

In this article we would like to talk about the ACM Team which has the key role of granting a smooth transition and cultural change to esa365. Gianluca Locchetta is the Adoption & Change Manager; he is working very closely with Ana Da Silva, esa365 Communications Manager. Two other key players are also Stefano Lenzi, the Project Manager and Thibaut Pavec, the Project Support Officer. The ACM Team has launched the Champions Community, a Team in Microsoft Teams where more than 130 migrated users keep in contact exchanging suggestions, best practices and supporting each other in the adoption of the esa365 tools. The Champions Community is managed by Sacha van Reisen and Kim Jonkman.  

The ESA employees are supported along the different stages of their migration to esa365 by the IT Trainers. There are six IT Trainers based in several ESA sites: Kim Jonkman, the IT Trainers’ Team Lead based at ESTEC; Annalisa Galeone, the IT trainer based at ESTEC; Laurence Roy based at ESOC; Miriam Romano based at ESRIN; Isabelle Romero based at ESA HQ and Kayla Backes based at ESAC.

Specifically, ESA employees have the chance to meet the IT Trainers in person when they go on-site to hand in their laptop and start the migration to esa365. On that day, the IT Trainers hold the esa365 Technical Onboarding, an introductive session to the new esa365 tools. They also hold the Get Ready to esa365 session to support colleagues who are going to migrate in one week, and the Functional Support Session to assist recently migrated colleagues in getting started with their new esa365 workplace. The IT Trainers are also involved in handling all the communication surrounding the migration and in keeping up to date the esa365 portal, the project’s e-learning platform where all the esa365 information can be found.

We hope that the migration to esa365 is going to make ESA employees’ job more efficient.

ATG Europe wishes to all ESA employees a smooth migration to esa365!

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