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ATG Talk by Barbara Rogoski: How to make an impact with Business Storytelling

Jun 28, 2021

Our last ATG Talks took place on the 17th of June 2021 with a one-hour interactive workshop hosted by Executive Communication Coach and TEDx Senior Speaker Coach Barbara Rogoski, on the topic of Narrative, and how to create an effective story in business storytelling.

On the 17th of June at 12:00 PM – Barbara’s enthusiasm could be felt across our monitors. It was time to tell stories that stick – enabling us with the several tools to use and build our best story here at ATG Europe.

As a reminder, Barbara Rogoski is an American executive communication coach for Fortune 500 companies worldwide that sought to help our professionals to tell their story with confidence, clarity and impact. Barbara was introduced by Alberto Donadoni –  ATG’s CCO (Chief Commercial Officer) until she took over the stage for 40 fascinating minutes.

The workshop featured a surprise giveaway of Barbara’s book – Boring to Brilliant, a unique, inspirational guide for public speakers that offers more than 150 tips, tools and anecdotes. Unique, because it uses visual imagery association for each tip instead of blah-blah text. Therefore, congratulations to our very own Kate and Annalisa for winning not one, but TWO copies – one offered by ATG, and one by Barbara herself.

In this lively virtual session, our executive speaker coach and storytelling expert kicked things off with what executive presence is and how we can develop our own and the many types of Stories that exist. When we think about it, we are all the heroes at the center of our imagination. Learning how to practice it and know where to put it can become a real speaker’s asset.

We learned a series of effective ways to define and clarify our key messages, engage our audience from beginning to end and deliver our messages with the greatest impact. Barbara presented many of the 101 speaker tips from her book ‘Boring to Brilliant – A Reference Guide for Speakers’. She also shared some entertaining anecdotes from behind the scenes of TEDx and gave us valuable tools to improve our public speaking style.

After going through the motions, Barbara told us about what we would need to know about Storytelling and allowed us to apply the knowledge we had acquired during an interactive 15 minutes practice. A moment where we all got to share our stories, give structure and have live advice on how to improve.

Barbara concluded by answering questions and sharing her insights into how we can unconsciously sabotage ourselves through verbal and non-verbal communication. Leaving us with the structure and tools to develop our executive presence at every milestone we may face. She has a special focus and passion to help businesses step up and speak up with stories that stick

For sharing her proven TEDx Style Success Formula to help build a brilliant speech/pitch or presentation; we would like to deeply thank Barbara Rogoski for her time. 

At ATG Europe, our will to make an impact also comes from the understanding that humans have always told stories and that they’re a vital part of our daily communication, that stories have meaning beyond entertainment value. In fact, storytelling is a strong business skill and when implemented effectively, it can boost our business in a number of ways, such as improving clients loyalty, creating a strong marketing strategy and as well as driving us forward; so make sure you’re all signed up for our next ATG Talks and stellar recaps.

If you’re also interested in taking this recap to the next level, and didn’t get a chance to win our giveaway; don’t panic, can also buy her book – Boring to Brilliant! A Reference Guide for Speakers HERE on her book

Barbara Rogoski

Barbara Rogoski

Executive Communication Coach and TEDx Senior Speaker Coach

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