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ATG welcomes Jacob PASQUALOTTO – Division Manager of ATG SpaceLabs

Feb 19, 2021

Jacob Pasqualotto joins our team with a 12 year experience from working with Leonardo on a plethora of Space and Defense projects. He will be combining his innovative perspective with the opportunity to direct our experienced and forward minded individuals at SpaceLabs, and provide the technological momentum that ATG Europe is constantly seeking. 

Today we are proud to welcome him amongst our ranks, and we are confident that his strong experience and innovative mind will steer forward great projects and sprout positive outcomes for ATG SpaceLabs. Although we are all working remotely. Jacob has accepted to answer some of our questions, allowing us to further underline his past views and future perspectives.

Jacob, welcome to ATG Europe. Let’s start simple, and in order for all of us to picture you better.
​​​​​​​How would you describe yourself in 3 words?
Firstly, I want to thank you all for your warm welcome, and I’m excited to start with such a difficult question. Right off the bat: I am adaptable – Especially regarding my mindset. I am reliable – It is an important value to me and as well as having reliable people around me. That’s when I work best! And finally, I am resilient – I would define it as an objective that is important in our business today. I don’t usually give in and I like to carry out at heart what I undertake until its completion.

We work in an industry that constantly requires us to be ahead of the curve, therefore it should be important for us to be able to define today. What does innovation mean or what does it imply to you?Innovation is crucial nowadays; and an easy explanation I like to give myself of innovation is: all acts that will benefit from the anticipation of incoming changes. I see it as true on both the personal and professional point of view. To say it shortly, to me innovation means determination to believe in the potential of our ideas and boldly pursue our vision.

You are now going to be managing teams, directing and taking decisions in a highly innovative and technological field, and speaking of leadership, what are your objectives for your team and for yourself? 
Great question! This is where ‘accelerating innovation’ steps in. It is my ambition to take it a step further, and this implies being highly innovative. My first objective of the three sets I intend to establish are:

  • Consolidate a common vision that must be shared. At least to the extent of my SpaceLabs division. We must see the future together. Strategy must be clear so that we can point to the same result as a collective,
  • It is important for me to engage with my teams and the ATG executives, in order for me to pursue my objectives,
  • Delivery. Catch up quickly to get the work done in order to create more and more value in a constructive and sustainable way.

It sounds very structured but time will allow it to sprout and hopefully be fruitful.

Your past experiences, the responsibilities you’ve undertaken must have shaped your idea of achievement and completion; but could you define what ‘success’ would mean to you and to your team?  
I believe that success is what everyone wants, which is why it varies from each person or each group. Personally, it means that I am adding value to the environment I operate in. I pursue my objectives in respect to my moral and ethical principles. I could also say that it is integrity and the willingness to excel.

You must be a difficult man to impress. You’ve seen some big projects and collaborated with pioneers, what has impressed you the most in the last years? 
The life changing experiences we have been facing in the light of the recent pandemic. How individuals have managed to improve themselves in a very short time. Humanity has been able to do amazing things, create unexpected relationships which would have otherwise never existed. For example schooling from home, re visiting the entire way we do business and much more.

The answer to this statement is mainly regarding how humanity and society in general is unaware of their potential. In the light of danger, that is when the brightest of our minds show our society their true potential, and I have been impressed so far

ATG Europe is also fueled by its workforce and its diversity. Many of our colleagues are above all passionate about what they do.  
​​​​​​​So what is it that passionates you about joining the team ? 
The opportunity to put our past human values forward into the future for the benefit of our planet and our society. That is what drives me, and I really felt the opportunity to make that matter here at ATG Europe.

We are sure that your mind is set towards the various projects you will be leading, and some of your colleagues will be curious to know, what is the most important element for you when undertaking a new or ongoing project?  
The answer to this question is simple to me. People. Every organization can be defined as a group of individuals with a defined purpose. They are the future or the success of such organizations. Therefore, I strongly feel like I must understand the people first; understand the value of each individual.​​​​​​​

A company’s success is about having the right people for the right job and that requires a certain extent of mutual acquaintance.

Let’s get creative and picture that image of success. It’s been your very best day at work — you’re coming home, and you sit to think about it — what is it that you did that day?  
Fun question! and I just realized I have two versions for it. A personal and a professional one.

Ideally, I would be a doctor or a surgeon among unsustained people with limited access to essential services. On that day I would have been saving a life. You might think I chose the wrong job *sighs..  but that’s what really gets me going. 

In our line of work, retaining results requires years of efforts. All our projects are long term projects and require a lot of effort, collaboration and boldness in their completion. ​​​​​​​

The day that would be the most emotional for me, would be the day we deliver a final version of a system. It allows us to arrive at the end of a path and see, realize what we have finally achieved. It’s that feeling of completion which goes hand in hand with my objectives and that passion that drives me.

With all this oversight over the industry you must be well aware of its every corner. In what direction Is it moving and how do you see ATG contributing to it?  
I’d like to mention a figure I have recently read on a specialized outlook: “Global space economy grew by 6.7% per year on average between 2005 and 2019. That is almost twice the 3.5% average yearly growth of global economy.”

I always feel like this data is important as it shows that the competition in the space industry is increasing, and its bringing new ambition into the sector. Space activities are becoming increasingly commercial and engaging with it.

We have seen many technological shifts such as digitalization, miniaturization and for example the reusable launchers. The latter breakthroughs are disrupting traditional business models by reducing costs in accessing space. New players will come into the game.​​​​​​​

ATG Europe and more specifically SpaceLabs, we are a division that delivers high quality space products. We have to keep on following the trend and try to stay ahead of the curve. ATG’s direction is well set, now we just have to keep it up.

Thank you for your precious time Jacob, welcome again and best of luck for what’s to come. 




Jacob PASQUALOTTO – Division Manager of ATG SpaceLabs

Jacob graduated at the University of Hertfordshire and followed up with a Master in Management at the Imperial College of London. In 2008, Jacob received a job offer from Leonardo SpA in Rome within the Avionics, Defense & Space business segment. His career began in the Eurofighter Typhoon Service and Support Solutions programs, as a supply chain manager and later project manager for the Italian Air Force related projects.

Progressively climbing through the ranks, Jacob later moved on to lead multi-functional teams, working on the development of civil and military avionic equipment until he was invited to join the space division in Milan.

This transfer led him to work on various orbital and observational satellite programs with ESA on a global scale such as, MetOP for observational purposes or EarthCare, a High Power Transmitter commissioned by JAXA (Japanese Space Agency).


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