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Ecological footprint and environmental corporate responsibility

Nov 15, 2019

By making responsible decisions at organisational and company level can influence the state of the environment by reducing their ecological footprint with a significant impact.

At ATG Europe, we aim at creating a long term value by taking into consideration how our organization operates in the ecological, social and economic environment.

In 2019 we have launched various sustainability projects that were aimed at reducing our CO2 footprint.

Installations of Solar Photovoltaic Panels at ATG Headquarter

In 2019 we have installed solar panels covering all available m² on ATG Europe HQ roof accounting to as much as 246 solar panels. This is part of our long term modernisation plan of all our equipment to meaningfully reduce our CO2 footprint.  The Solar panels are envisaged to produce 1/3 of our annual energy needs.

Data Centre Optimization

An in-depth infrastructures’ modernisation took place in our in-house Data Centre which holds as much as 120 servers consisting of High Performance Clusters for MediaLab (to generate picture/videos/animations) and SpaceLabs to run engineering simulations as well as co-locating the servers of our tenants and our own cloud infrastructure.  

The Data Centre’s energy consumption has been dramatically improved by replacing the high energy consuming server with low power servers; increasing temperature threshold for servers to lower cooling cost as well as introducing an automatic power off the idle cluster nodes. The replacement of the cooling systems will follow in order to reduce energy consumption by 60%.  The current UPS will be replaced thus reducing UPS-overhead of power backup by 25% optimising airflow to reduce energy consumption used to the cooling of our servers.

Led Lights at ATG Headquarter

The ATG HQ’s lighting has been upgraded to LED light bulbs. LED bulbs technology are extremely energy efficient and long-lasting; a LED bulb can cut energy consumption by over 80% when compared to conventional light bulbs and can last 20-25 times longer than a typical halogen.

With our contribution, we feel responsible and committed to contribute to an eco-friendly and sustainable environmental responsibility.

Check out our video on the before and after installation of the solar panels. 


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