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Learn, Listen, Inspire!

Feb 18, 2020

End of the year and beginning of the New Year is a good occasion to reflect on progress within a business and see what we could improve in the future to have a more prosperous year. There are many resolutions that a company can and will take in the format of business objectives and initiatives, shall that be improving customer perception, faster, more efficient processes or brand awareness with the ultimate goal of a company  growth. But this is not enough, the human aspect must be at the core of our undertaking.

This year, at ATG Europe, we decided take a new year’s resolution of getting to know each other better. It is inherent to our business that we have colleagues working all over Europe at various locations, and can be at times challenging to keep the personal contact with our peers. In addition to this, we are fortunate enough to work in an organization where the so demanded system level knowledge but also very specialized knowledge is available in various engineering but also administrative, financial and other domains. Of course we can always just open the all so knowledgeable Google or watch a video on YouTube, but in reality we learn best from each other, and from each other good or bad experiences. As a first attempt to tackle the aim of both bringing our colleagues to one place and also the goal of getting to know each other better, we have introduced Lunch Lecture, titled ATG Talks- Feed your mind!  The first lecture already took place last Thursday where we could learn more about Galileo, GNSS and EGNOS from our colleague Dario Barbera. 

We hope to continue a long series of lectures, where we can learn, listen and inspire (from) each other. 

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