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P200 platform propulsion STM

Activities: Structural & Thermal engineering

Customer: Bradford Space

For the Structural Thermal Model (STM) of the P200 platform propulsion, ATG developed, built and delivered an STM of the propellant tank (without propellant holding ability); achieving a predictable structural and thermal behaviour, similar to the flight product, at a fraction of the cost and lead-time.

Individual configurations were developed for the Thermal Model (for the thermal tests) and Structural Model (for the structural tests) based on a modular approach with standard aerospace grade stainless steels and aluminium alloys as well as isolative materials incl. PEEK.

ATG managed the Tank STM manufacturing and after assembly and integration testing delivered it to Bradford Engineering for integration into their propulsion STM.

The Tank STM was developed under a programme of and funded by the European Space Agency. The view expressed herein can in no way be taken to reflect the official opinion of the European Space Agency

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