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Space Tech Expo -Bremen

Nov 24, 2019

Space Tech Expo Europe is the largest space technology fair in Europe. A great occasion for us, to learn about the latest developments and industry trends, connect with possible future business partners and, of course, to enjoy the great city of Bremen where the 2019 edition took place. ATG Europe has also sent its team of representatives to meet high level industry experts and to gain insights of the most important developments facing today’s space industry.

With over 400 exhibitors there were a lot of developments to learn about and a lot of business cards to change hands. The event also gave the perfect opportunity to various organizations to showcase their synergies. An example of this was Toray exhibiting ATG Europe’s recently developed patented Grid Stiffened and Lattice Composite Structure. The structure was manufactured using the Toray Advanced Composites RS-36 epoxy prepreg system, with Toray M55J high modulus fiber as a unidirectional reinforcement. Established as a material for space applications, this resulted in an impressive performance whilst also ensuring the required material outgassing characteristics for the component.

It was is great seeing the brightest minds from all over the world share a drink and talk about their passions. Being a global industry, one of the great things about these conferences is the opportunity to connect with people from all over the world. Not only on a professional level, but also on a personal level. In the end, it is people driving our industry forward and getting to know the people behind all these great developments, inventions and fulfilled goals, is one of the great joys of these conferences.


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