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The hunt is on to find a new group of adventurer – Astronaut Call (ESA)

Feb 12, 2021

The hunt is on to find a new group of adventurer that will embark for the stars as part of the next generation of European Space Agency (ESA) astronauts starting March 31st.  

On the 8th of February 2021 and for the first time in 11 years, the European Space Agency has put a call out for new astronauts with a special shoutout to female candidates, whose applications for the role start on March 31st and close eight weeks later on May 28th. 
After this window for applications closes, candidates will contend with a six-stage selection process, which will end by October 2022. As far as requirements go, applicants must be : 

  • Nationals of an ESA member state 
  • Aged 27 to 37,  
  • Able to speak and write in English 
  • Have a university degree in natural sciences, engineering, or medicine (or an equivalent),  
  • Have at least three years of professional experience in these or a related field. 

As well as seeking to improve diversity within its ranks by encouraging more female astronaut candidates, Jan WörnerESA’s director general says it is also examining how to get more people with disabilities into space – or at least involved in space travel. In the words of David Parker, ESA director of human and robotic exploration: ‘Representing all parts of our society is a concern that we take very seriously. In support to these claims and in order to make this dream a reality, alongside the astronaut recruitment, the European Space Agency expressed its wish to launch in the future, the Parastronaut Feasibility Project  an innovation whose time has come. 

These new recruits will work alongside the ESA’s existing astronauts as Europe enters a new era of space exploration – including possible future missions to the Moon. Wörner mentioned: ‘Thanks to a strong mandate from ESA member states at Space19+, our Ministerial Council in 2019, Europe is taking its place at the heart of space exploration. 

The Agency is determined to go farther than they ever have before, and in order to do that, they need to look wider than ever. This recruitment process is the first step into the development of the agency across all areas of space exploration and innovation alongside its international partners, paving the way to a bright future. 

The recruitment of diverse talents is critical to ATG Europe’s ability to foster a creative workforce in order to drive innovation and look towards the future. Just as our composite technology is not a unique feat, but the leap of a collective; true innovative solutions to our technological challenges and barriers on Earth and in space exploration will require evermore, to share ideas across diverse environments and communities. Therefore, ATG Europe and our colleagues at ESA would like to share our enthusiam and full support for this exciting new selection process. 

Don’t forget to tune in to the press event on the 16th February which will mark the start of the communication campaign for the application phase here : 



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